Looking for a mini cafeteria (multiple beverages point) in your premises then here is the solution providers Beverages Convvenio... yes now a Vending Machine which can serve varieties of Coffee, Tea, Health drinks, Soups and Snacks.

We introduce ourselves primarily as a Supplier of Automated Vending Machines (AVM) which dispenses Hot and Cold Beverages meeting the food safety and hygiene standards. The speciality of our Vending Machines is it delivers a fresh (just made) cup after cup and there are 'No Instant Powders'. We use the Fresh Milk which is kept at Pasteurization Temperature all the time.

We have our presence at Coimbatore and Trichy whereby we execute our Operational and Administrative modules respectively. Our Business is manned and managed by professionals who are in this field for over a decade with high experience in quality control of inputs, infrastructure, logistics, service and management, prepare client oriented and beneficial modules etc.,

In addition we have been fortunate to have a expertise of Late Shri P S Subramanian , in fact the person who brought this concept of franchising beverages vending machines to India for the first time in 1995 and had strong experience over four decades in the field of food processing and hospitality services. The Team of personnel's has taken training at the factory of the suppliers and as of date and have installed over 300 Machines including those under pipeline spread across state of Tamilnadu in educational institutions, hospitals, tourist spots, commercial locations and also given on outright sales to customers and maintained to their satisfaction.

We are constantly working to make our services a viable and profitable venture to our customers with a "All-in-One" service motto providing just not only a freshly brewed coffee and other hot beverages vending machine but also other related services wherever required and justified to make our shops not a wayside stop for a cup of coffee or tea but a centre for enjoying beverage.

Beverages Convvenio does channelize the various raw materials needed for operation. They are also outsourced as under: